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Age Specific Curriculum - What it Really Means

Posted: January 11, 2020

Age-Specific Curriculum

What It Really Means


The term “age-specific” is used very often in education and healthcare. It has a very definite meaning and is used to describe things that are prepared specifically for the age of the child it is targeting. However, this term is often used more loosely, especially in the martial arts world, when referring to “age-specific class

Skills Based Training vs Technique Based Training

Posted: October 03, 2019

Skills-Based Training vs. Technique-Based Training


Most martial arts forms are rooted in tradition and have been taught the same way for years. And while tradition is vital to keeping the art preserved, the way it is taught in today’s modern world isn’t as effective. As times change and as we become more educated, we must adjust to meet the needs of the people we serve. This is especially true when teaching children.


Traditional m

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